ROS:: BLOCKS is a final year BEng Project by Calum Knott at Middlesex University

The project aims to use the Baxter robot, to research and develop software that allows the robot to carry out a task that is not fully defined.

Through the use of computer vision, Baxter is able to recognise and build copies of towers of blocks

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Builder, is the software that will carry out the actual construction of the tower.
It will control the arms and the grippers, and will “pick and place” the blocks in the correct position

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Basilisk, is the OpenCV based software, that will look at a pre-built tower, and break it down into a data format, that can be passed to “builder”

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Designer, is an on screen GUI.
It is used to check the output of “Basilisk” to see if it has managed to correctly understand the tower in front of it, It has also been expanded to design towers for testing.

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